We provide structure and socialization in a face to face homeschool setting with our certified teachers so students can be successful and parents can watch the magic unfold.

Meet Your Teachers

Miss Meinberg

  • Certified K-5 all subjects, Math K-8

  • Former 4th and 5th Grade Teacher

  • Doesn't drink coffee; she runs off the energy of her students

Mrs. McMillan

  • Retired certified teacher with 35 years of teaching Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

  • Certified K-5 all subjects and Reading K-8

  • Awarded Royal Oak Teacher of the Year...twice!

  • There is never a boring day with Mrs. McMillan! She brings so much positivity and creativity to our homeschool!

Dream Scene Learning Pod

Mrs. Mitchell

  • Certified K-5 all subjects, Science & Social Studies K-8, Masters in Reading

  • Former Teacher for 4th and 5th Grade, middle school gifted students, academically at risk elementary students

  • Awarded Royal Oak PTA Teacher of the Year in 2020

Mrs. Szelinski

  • Certified K-5 all subjects, POHI certified, Masters degree in Early Childhood Education

  • Taught Kindergarten and Special Education for 30 years

  • Awarded WNIC Teacher of the Week and all around Royal Oak Schools legend

Lower Elementary

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where learning is magical

"We've been attending the Dream Scene pod since September. What started as a place for our kids to go and do their virtual learning in a fun environment with certified teachers, extra enrichment, and assistance has turned into what might be my favorite school year yet."

"We have a consistent routine going on in our home again! My youngest daughter said to me, 'This is the first time I've felt normal since Covid.'"

"I could not be happier with my children's growth not only academically but socially and emotionally. This has become our silver lining of 2020."

"The extra activities such as cooking class, Mystery Skype, group work, scavenger hunts, and 'Holidaily' add to our positive experience."

"Our 4th grader is having the best academic year she's ever had, her confidence has grown, and she's loving school. Pair that with the social and emotional aspect and it's been seriously magical."

"Our 6th grader is attending the pod and doing virtual through BCS. Although she's is extremely tired of zooms, we are thankful everyday that she can do it in this environment. She has the ability, many days, to participate in the fun pod activities, and still get the BCS education we love. "