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Meet Our Hosts

Our wonderful ladies are excited to make your Birthday Girl's wishes come true! They are experts at smiling, dancing, and knowing all the words to your daughter's favorite songs. Many are coaches, babysitters, and all are amazing role models for your guests. All Hosts are CPR/First Aid certified. 

Miss Abbey

Having a striking resemblance to Taylor Swift, Cinderella, and Abby Cadabby of Sesame Street, Miss Abbey spends most of her days avoiding the paparazzi and signing autographs. Miss Abbey's favorite colors are sunshine yellow and booger green.

Fun fact: Miss Abbey knows how to make a snake, worm, eel, and hot dog animal balloons!

Miss Abby

It's not easy, but Miss Abby has earned a 5.0 out of 4.0 GPA throughout her high school career. She runs Cross Country, plays golf, basketball, and softball. She combines those talents into a new game she's created called Cross Gasketball. We're all very proud.

Miss Athena

With her experience competing in Model United Nations, Miss Athena is running for office in 2036​. Her platform focuses on restructuring the food pyramid to the six layer cake, changing our currency to Monopoly money, and mandating schools to have dance parties every 30 minutes throughout the day.

Miss Emma

For the 10th year in a row, Miss Emma stands as the world record holder for watching Beauty and the Beast the most times. When she's not singing Disney songs, she's composing a score for her upcoming musical I Love My Job. She's playing all 29 characters herself and is promising only 0.4 second costume changes. Talk about breaking a leg...

Miss Gianna

Miss Gianna likes sparkles and cats. She once tried to have a sparkly cat but BOY that was VERY messy. So now she just wants a cat named Sparkles. Her favorite colors are light pink, hot pink, magenta, salmon-y pink, peachy pink, and the color of ballet slippers. Miss Gianna likes to fly across the world and try different flavors of ice cream.

Miss Grace

Loving animals is a full-time job for Miss Grace. She fluently speaks dog, pig, ant, and deer. There's only a slight language barrier with reindeer- which comes in handy around the holidays. Miss Grace is very energetic and likes to challenge guests to dance offs with disco lights!

Miss Kirsten

We often find Miss Kirsten in the Craft Room gluing rhinestones and glitter all over herself. She's only glued her fingers together twice. As she moves from the Craft Room to the rest of the party, she travels only by cartwheel.

Miss Sarah

Miss Sarah has five pets, all of whom sleep in alphabetical order on her bed. Miss Sarah plays soccer (both Wii and in real life) and basketball. She has a life goal of slam dunking...she's only 3 inches away from doing so!

Annie Meinberg

Annie taught 4th and 5th Grade for two years before creating Dream Scene Parties.

With the support of her family and friends, her dream has come true.

Oh, and her favorite color is sparkly pink.